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A year ago in August, my "gentleman" diabetic irish setter, Brian, passed to the rainbow bridge after only eleven and a half years on Earth. Sorry, during your last month you had to be moved from your living room carpet. I guess you still lay upside down with one paw extended upward praising the Lord. And, Brian, if you're munching on Bonz up there, yelp at Sage, Sir Sam, and that female irish a naughty shelter in Texas euthanasized after a "rescue" crew claimed her. Although he's not irish, you'll recognize Bullet. He 's a half shepherd and half huskie who climbs fences like a chimp. >> Meanwhile, Danny, our rescued irish, could stand a course in courtesy. Where you barked politely to argue, Danny whimpers until he gets his way. Maybe , you could drop by and teach him just a few manners. Aside from that, he's a precious, precocious, and affectionate "red head" who steals hearts, shoes, ice cream, and kisses as he drags me across campus occasioally attempting to climb a tree after a squirrel!
Danny and Tony. Danny still needs southern gentleman lessons. He's always stealing kisses on campus!