Make your own free website on Welcome to the Dec 2000 edition of Advantage Valley News / Views that includes many NEW links. Our concentration will be entertainment events, performing arts, and provocative ideas especially targeted for the W.Va. , Ohio and Ky. communities along the Tri River Valley (Ohio, Big Sandy, Kanawha).<BR> <h1>West Virginia Supreme Court Rules Women Have No Minds, Their Mind is the Same as Hubby's! U.S. Supreme Court Considering Case!</h1> <h4> The West Virginia Supreme Court concluded that a woman's paranoid husband mouthed off and thus started the statute of limitations running in a "discovery rule" case. Although the woman claimed she did not have the same knowledge as her husband, the court refused to conclude that she believed that the confidential documents were breached at a time later than that of her outspoken, imbiding husband. <h4><h2> Prisoner Beaten in Cabell County for Complaining of Abuse to Disabled Prisoner!<h2> <h5>A suit has been filed in Federal Court in which a former prisoner alleged multiple beatings for complainting that a correctional official dumped a paralyzed man out of his wheelchair onto the concrete floor. For expressing his opinion, the African American jailed for comtempt was placed in the dreaded 5 E cell block. The suit contends that Cabell County is not complying with previous orders by Chief Judge Charles Haden. In addition, a former prisoner filed suit for being deprived of his hearing implant. The suit alleges rights violations and was filed in July 2000. </h5> <h2>Prisoner wants to stay in Jail!</h2><h4> Down in Wayne County , West Virginia where multiple lawsuits have been filed against corrections officials for periodically parading female inmates nacked from the waist up, one male inmate has also sued. He claims that the guards beat him up, then put him out of the jail before his time was up!</43><BR> <h2> Cabell County Court Dismisses Confidentiality Suit; Mental Health Center Denies Duty to Patients; Appeal Filed!</h2> <BR><h4> A suit against a law firm and mental health center was dismissed in Cabell County on summary judgment. The court concluded that the former mental health client who had no memory of treatment in the 70s gave consent to release his mental health substance abuse treatment records. The center told him they had only three years of records from the 90s. Somehow, records from the 90s and from 70s on microfilm wound up released in a case involving an auto accident. The center claims it has no duty to protect the confidentiality of patient records, claims it does not have to follow federal regulations pertaining to treatment of  alcohol and substance abuse patients (and their records), and that a circuit court does not have the jurisdiction to render a WV Statute unconstitutional. An appeal is planned. </h4><BR>

<H2><i><CENTER><B> West Virginia Supreme Court hears appeal in Branches breach of confidentiality case!</H2><BR>

<H5> Oral Arguments have been heard by the Court in a case involving an alleged breach of confidentiality by a domestic violence shelter. The suit alleges that employees "covered up" the breach and that the injured plaintiff(s) did not have sufficient grounds to file suit until a Branches attorney admitted in a professional ethics complaint that the confidential information came indeed from Branches, rather than "public records."



<H2><i><B><CENTER>Park Place Stadium Cinemas Celebrates Grand Re-Opening</H2></B><BR><H5> So, you want to go to a movie? Tired of crowds, waiting in the weather, and no seeing over someone's head? Park Place Cinema 7 has totally remodeled, now boasting 11 auditoriums with all stadium seating and state-of-the-art sound. Check them out this Christmas movie season. You will be impressed!