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These photos were shot during the production of "Burning Annie" on or near the Marshall University campus.

Van Flesher and crew prepare to shoot a scene on the Third Floor of the Drinko Library

While the camera rolls, Flesher and his assistant director watch the monitor

Cast and crew shoot on a cold night near Old Main

Rigging the track ensures that the camera moves smoothly

Sara Downing who appeared in "Never Been Kissed" prepares for a key night scene with Gary Lundy whose credits include "Donnie Darko"

Kim Murphy and Gary Lundy prepare for a "date" in the Drinko Library

Lundy and Murphy learn their lines in the Coffee House of the Drinko Library

MU Students wait for their chance as extras in scenes at the Student Center Cafeteria and near WMUL-FM

Extras "study" near the law library portion of Drinko Library waiting for the camera to roll