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United States

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To respond to these specific ads, you may use snail mail to Post Office Box 362, Huntington, WV 25708 or send email. For snail mail, you must write the profile number on the back of the envelope.
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#4906 Attractive, considerate, understanding DWF, 36, 5'5", 170 lbs., brown/blue, NS, ND part-time bartender. Outgoing and a good listener, she enjoys movies, bowling, fishing, swimming, cards, animals, reading and travel. She's ISO an honest, financially secure, communicative WM for friendship first, then maybe more.

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#4907 Ambitious, honest and funloving, SWF, 23, 5'3", 204 lbs., brown hair and brown eyes. She likes the outdoors, moonlit walks, MU football games, romantic evenings a home and cuddling. She is looking for a NS, ND man.

#4905 Honest, independent SWF, 27, 5'9", 200 lbs., brown/green, S, RD day care provider. A Baptist, she enjoys dining in and out, movies, family life, fishing, antiques, all types of music, bowling, educational TV, swimming, animals and the outdoors. She's ISO an honest, emotionally stable and personable M, 25-32 for friendship and coequal r/s. She has a two year old child.

#1833 "Who's the imbecile who started the phrase, "nice guys finish last?" This woman will certainly appreciate a nice guy. I'm caring and compassionate and looking for the same qualities in a man." She's a DWF, 37, 5'3", 130 lbs., brown-red hair, green eyes, NS, OD assistant office manager with three children (7, 9, 14). She enjoys movies, theatre, aerobics, art appreciation, dancing and reading.

#1820 Attractive DWF, 42, 5'5", 120 lbs., brown hair and eyes, nonsmoker, social drinker with no children. A medical professional, she enjoys dining out, outdoor activities, movies, and travel. She is looking for an educated, professional who is personable, communicative, and has a nice sense of humor. A good heart is especially important!

#1821 Honest, independent and unconventional WWF, 50, 5'4", 180 lbs., blonde hair and brown eyes, smokes and drinks on occasions. She enjoys dinner, movies, sitting in front of a fireplace and cuddling up, walking through the snow, bowling, fishing and swimming. She considers herself giving and impulsive yet quiet at first. She looking for a courteous, romantic , honest and personable WM with similar interests. She's into computers and the metaphysical.

#1832 Down to earth, honest, considerate, DWF,47, 5'2", 148 lbs., brown hair, brown eyes, NS, RD hospital registrationist. She enjoys rental movies, fishing, bowling, working out, animals, reading and singing. She ISO of someone special.

#1834 Ambitious, honest, practical, DWF, 51, 5'2", 125 lbs., brown hair, blue eyes ,NS, RD with grown children. She enjoys concerts (country, classical), movies, theatre, aerobics, softball, working out, computers, gardening and the outdoors. She's ISO a nice M with whom to spend time and maybe share a relationship.

#1822 Intelligent and giving retired nurse, WWF, 80, 5'2", 90 lbs., red/gray hair, brown eyes, a smoker but a nondrinker. "I'm active in my community but very lonely and would like to meet an honest, intelligent M. She enjoys animals, reading, and playing cards.

#4901 Ambitious, idealistic, virtuous DWF, 60, 5'8", 198 lbs., light hair and green eyes, she is a nonsmoker and occasional drinker. She considers herself to be younger looking and acting and enjoys bowling, hiking, poetry, concerts, and animals. She looking for a compatible male.

#1829 Ambitious, honest outgoing & traditional SWF, 28, 5'2", 175 lbs., blonde hair, blue/green eyes, NS, OD telemarketer who enjoys concerts, movies, spectator sports, theatre, basketball, fishing, hiking, art appreciation, the outdoors & crafts, as well as country and rock music. A member of the Church of Christ, she's ISO an honest, personable M, 21-35, who neither smokes nor drinks.

#1817 Giving, honest, DWF, 37, 5', 117 lbs., brown hair, blue eyes, nonsmoker, occasional drinker. Hard working and romantic, she enjoys slow dancing, goving to the movies, walks in the park, animals and the outdoors. She's ISO a "cleanly dressed and good looking WM who would like to take me to dinner and a movie then walk in the moonlight.

#1819 Traditional , sensitive, warm hearted DWF, 53, 5'3" , 120 lbs., dark brown hair , green eyes, smoker, occasional drinker. A Baptist, she enjoys movies, theatre, basketball, swimming, dancing, travel, and concerts. She is in search of a communicative man with a strong sense of humor.

#1825 Adventurous, independent, outgoing, SWF, 27, 5'2", 175 lbs., blonde/brown hair, blue/green eyes, NS, OD clerk. A full figured woman, she enjoys concerts, movies, MU games, motorcycles, angique cars, theatre, spectator sports, fishing, bowling, crafts and animals. "I would like to meet someone with similar interests for possible r/s. She is Baptist. A Smarter Way to

#4902 Down to earth, honest, funny and easy going SWF, 5'7", 180 lbs., S.RD with three year old child. She enjoys dinner and a movie, swimming, bowling, boating, cards, crafts, and travel, as well as country, rock and oldies music. She's ISO a kind, confident and honest SWM or SBM for possible r/s.

#1827 Honest, traditional yet unconventional DWF, 39, 5'11", 230 lbs., brown hair, blue eyes, NS, SD Protestant. Self employed, she has one child 12. She enjoys candlelight dinners, theatre, movies, books, pets, karoke, dancing, fishing, and swimming. She's ISO an honest WM with a good sense of humor who preferably does not smoke.

#1826 Easy going, playful and traditional DWF, 46, 5'2", 148 lbs., brown/brown, NS, OD registration worker with no children. A Baptist, she enjoys concerts, bowling, boating, fishing, animals, singing and travel. "I love people and I work and come in contact with a lot of people on the job. I like optimistic guys."

#4901 Impulsive, unconventional WWF, 50, 5'4", 185 lbs., blonde/brown, S, OD nurse with three grown children. She enjoys computers, the metaphysical, movies, swimming, fishing, bowling, and reading. Quiet at first, she enjoys oldies, country and rock music. She is not into the church or bar scenes.

#4903 Ambitious, down to earth WWF, 60, 4'11", 125 lbs., brown hair, brown eyes, NS, ND Freewill Baptist with grown children. She works as a nurse and enjoys traveling to the beach, hiking, working out, concerts, dancing, gardening, ballet, opera and educational tv programs. She's ISO an M slightly younger or order with similar interests. Religion not important; liking travel a plus. ng herself as a "young 60," she especially relates to creative gospel singers who look and act younger than their age.

#1822 Practical, giving, considerate, retired registered nurse, 80, 5'2", 90 lbs., red-gray hair, brown eyes, NS, ND. Originally from Cleveland, she enjoys animals and card playing.

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July 30: The Runaway Bride (Julia Roberts, Richard Gere), Blair Witch Project, Deep Blue Sea
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August 6: Flight Club (Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, Helena Bonham Carter), Mystery Men (Ben Stiller), Iron Giant
August 11: Thomas Crown affair (Pierce Brosnan, Rene Russo, Denis Leary)
August 13: The 13th Warrior (Antonio Banderas, Diane Venora), Mr. Accident (Yahoo Serious), Detroit Rock City (Edward Furlong), Mickey Blue Eyes (Hugh Grant, James Caan)

"Chill Factor," "Three to Tango," "Three Kings," "House on the Haunted Hill," "Sunset Strip," "Girl Interrupted," "Superstar," "Lost Souls," "Sixth Sense," "Isn't she Great," "For the Love of the Game," "The Bone Collector"

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#3134 Honest, traditional and caring SWM, 26, 6', 165 lbs., brown/brown, NS, OD paramedic. His interests are hiking, caving, running, swimming, going to movies, rappellings, cooking and spending quiet evenings with someone special. He's ISO an honest, attractive WF with a good sense of humor who is a Christian and not extremely overweight.

#3135 Easy going, giving and romantic DWM, 44, 6'3", 190 lbs., black/blue, S, SD Baptist. He enjoys renting movies, boating, fishing, hiking, gardening, the outdoors, country and oldies music, playing an instrument, and going to movies. He's ISO an attractive , honest and kind F.

#3132 Easy going, funny , honest SWM, 30, 5'9", 145 lbs., brown/green, NS, ND. He likes movies, walks, sports, bowling, art appreciation, country/rock music and the outdoors. He would like to get to know a kind, personable WF for possible r/s.

#3131 Ambitious, impulsive and rebellous DWM, 35, 5'11", 240 lbs., NS, OD, blonde/blue Paramedic with a six year old daughter. He enjoys football, NASCAR, movies, country/rock music, bowling, hiking, dancing & travel. He's ISO an honest, personable, attractive WF who's preferably a NS and not extremely overweight. E Mail Him Directly!

#3137 Traditional, optimistic & honest SWM, 31, 6', 150 lbs., brown hair, green eyes, S, ND production technician. A Baptist, he enjoys the outdoors, automobiles, travel, movies, gospel and dance music, and entertaining TV. "I'm in search of the perfect mate with whom to enjoy life's simple pleasures." A Smarter Way to

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#3136 Tall, attractive and very humorous DWM, 36, 6'1", 210 lbs., black hair, brown eyes, NS, OD cable contractor/laborer with three children (17, 11, 3). He enjoys movies, MU games, aerobics, softball, working out, animals, nice dinners, automobiles, and spending time with children. Prefers "girlfriend" who enjoys children, cooking, cleaning and messing around cars.

#3122 Easy going, independent SWM, 33, 5'11", 245 lbs., dark hair, brown eyes, NS, OD transportation engineer. A Baptist, he enjoys MU games, boating, fishing, golf, the outdoors, country music, animals, card playing and renting movies. He is looking for a compatible S/DWF.

#3121 Warm hearted, optimistic , honest SWM, 30, 5'8", 200 lbs., brown-blonde hair, brown eyes, NS, SD teacher. He enjoys MU games, movies, swimming, dancing, the outdoors, rental movies, basketball and TV. A Catholic, he's looking for a S/DF with "love , romance, passion, open communication and friendship" rolled into one person. He prefers someone without children.

#3120 Ambitious, honest, easy going SWM, 26, 5'7", 175 lbs., black hair, blue eyes, NS, RD who enjoys sports, movies, spending time with loved ones, basketball , MU games and working out. He's ISO an honest, personable, WF, 18-30. He enjoys country and rock music.

#3142 Fairly attractive, warm hearted, idealistic DWM,26, 5'10", 190 lbs., brown hair, brown eyes, S, OD federal government employee with college degree. He has joint custody of his two children ages six and four. "My interests are anything outdoors, talking, relaxing and having lots of fun. Dinner at a nice restaurant, a movie, walk in the park, and spending time together doing whatever WE feel like doing. I'd like to learn new things with a special F, 18-28, who is interested in same." He also enjoys hiking, working out, travel, movies, country & rock music, and fishing. Appearance, personality and sense of humor are important. He prefers someone slim who like him smokes and drinks.

#1000 Virtuous, warm hearted, traditional yet unconventional SWM , above thirtysomething, 5'9", 180 lbs., brown/blue, NS, ND businessman. He enjoys movies, pets, photography, poetry, ballet, theatre, spectator sports, and walking in the rain with someone special engaged in lively conversation while sipping nonalcoholic pina coladas. An inter-denominational Christian with strong values, he's ISO a SF, 20-40, with similar interests and values without children. "A sensitive, expressive , funny and intelligent woman who's unafraid of a co-equal r/s in which both individuals share triumphs and lean on each other in bad times." He prefers someone who's fashionable, like the Big City and is narrow waisted. E Mail Him Directly!

#3128 Ambitious, honest, attractive SWM, 26, 5'7", 175 lbs., black hair, blue eyes, NS,RD personnel manager. He enjoys spectator sports, especially M.U. games, basketball, softball, working out, movies, and country/rock music. He's ISO an honest, personable SF with a good sense of humor. Friendship first, poss. r/s.

#3108 Funny, friendly, honest DWM, 29, 6'3", 172 lbs., blonde hair, blue eyes, NS, SD Catholic who works as a lab technician. He enjoys good movies, sports, dancing, softball, country/rock music, travel, the outdoors, and spectator sports. He's looking for a sweet and honest SF for a possible r/s.

#3129 Warm hearted, outgoing SWM, 30, 5'8", 200 lbs., NS, SD teacher. A Catholic, he enjoys swimming, dancing, the outdoors, basketgball, rental movies, Marshall Univ. games, and entertaining TV. He's ISO SF who likes "love, romance, passion, open communication and friendship."

#3108 Funny, friendly, & honest DWM, 29, 6'3", 172 lbs., blonde hair, blue eyes, S, SD dental laboratory technician. He enjoys sports, movies, softball, golf, dancing, outdoors, and romantic evenings with someone special. He's looking for a sweet, honest, and personable SF, 22-30, who is not overweight for fun times.

#3121 Warm hearted, optimistic , honest SWM, 30, 5'8", 200 lbs., brown-blonde hair, brown eyes, NS, SD teacher. He enjoys MU games, movies, swimming, dancing, the outdoors, rental movies, basketball and TV. A Catholic, he's looking for a S/DF with "love , romance, passion, open communication and friendship" rolled into one person. He prefers someone without children.

#3122 Easy going, independent SWM, 33, 5'11", 245 lbs., dark hair, brown eyes, NS, OD transportation engineer. A Baptist, he enjoys MU games, boating, fishing, golf, the outdoors, country music, animals, card playing and renting movies. He is looking for a compatible S/DWF.

#3125 Adventurous, easy going, considerate, down to earth DWM, 42, 6', 170 lbs., OD, light brown hair, blue eyes. A pipefitter , he enjoys the outdoors(especially fishing and boating), movies, and animals. He would like to meet a woman around whom he can be himself and she can be herself. "Someone who will make me feel special." Email Him Directly!

#3126 Easy going, independent, SWM, 33, 5'11", 245 lbs., black hair, brown eyed transportation engineer. He enjoys Marshall University games, boating, fishing, golf, and card playing. He looking for a compatible F who has a good sense of humor and communicates well.

#3140 Attractive, ambitious, honest oriental-American DM, 38, who is an engineer/entrepreneur, 5'7", 150 lbs., dark hair, brown eyes, NS, ND, Islamic faith. He likes outdoor adventures (fishing, swimming, boating), jazz, travel, intellectural conversation, movies, educational television, dancing, reading, working out and spending a romantic evening with a special F, 20-40, walking in the moodlight following a candlelight dinner. Tanned, emotionally and financially secure, he ISO attractive, NS, ND educated F with similar interests.

#3138 Good looking, easy going and honest, WWM, 47, 5'9", 165 lbs., brown hair , blue eyes, NS, RD. A laborer he enjoys camping, walks, quiet evenings at home, basketball, and gardening. He describes himself as "old fashioned" and likes his "blue jeans and plaid shirts." He's ISO a F who likes children (he has custody of his two, ages nine and twelve), is honest, attractive, and kind.

#3141 Liberal, honest, independent DWM, 47, 6'2", 160 lbs., blue eyes, S, RD computer operator. His interests are hunting, fishing, bowling, reading, basketball, and automobiles along with oldies and country music. He's ISO a F, 35-50 who is attractive, emotionally stable and a good communicator. "I would like to spend an evening having dinner and walking in the park with someone that I care about and who cares about me."

#3130 Handsome, caring & honest DWM, 45, 5'8", 172 lbs., black/brown, NS, OD law enforcement officer . He enjoys Marshall football, NASCAR, fishing, walks, renting movies, working out, and country and gospel music. He's ISO of a special F without small children . "I especially enjoy evenings at home with that special person." He has three children by previous marriage (8, 16, & 22).

#3133 Blue jeans and tennis shoes kind of SWM, 43, 6', 180 lbs., brown/blue, NS, ND Episcopialian. He enjoys health and fitness training, computers, most sports, holding hands, movies, theatre, bowling, fishing, tennis, and writing. "I don't have much time to devote to a r/s. I'm not rich. About the only thing I can guarantee you is that I will be nice to you and treat you with respect. I like romancing a lady, sending her cards and always letting her know how special she is." EMail Him Directly!

#3139 Ambitious, kind, traditional SWM, 51, 6'1", 225 lbs., brown hair, green eyes, NS, OD real estate company owner. He enjoys spectator sports, swimming, tennis, working out, cards, dancing, travel, racquetball, skiing, country and gospel music, dancing and dining out. He's ISO a WF who's attractive , honest and kind and shares his interests.

email me, and I will forward your request to them. Or, write them care of their profile number at: PO Box 362, Hgtn., WV 25708. Please include an extra stamp so the letter can be forwarded to them personally.

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